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Established as a global network in 1990, Glasford International is specialized in executive search and selection with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas.

By partnering with Glasford International, Recra Consulting offers cross-border services and combines the advantages of global coverage and local expertise. Through our global network, our clients can have direct access to one of our experienced consultants and benefit from a consistent professional service.


Recra Consulting uses its extensive sectoral knowledge and experience with its professional team of experts to manage the recruitment processes in the best possible way and fill in the job vacancies with the most suitable candidates.

Only an expert consultant team can meet the exact requirements for executive search, specialist recruitment, temporary staffing and payroll services.

Comprehensive solutions and recommendations should be provided for the clients at each stage, including key issues such as posting effective job adverts, talent acquisition and talent management. On the other hand, candidates should be supported on how to “Send CV” distinctively and to pass a job interview successfully.

To ensure that the companies gain competitive advantage in their sectors, professionals who can meet corporate objectives and requirements should be discovered and employed. Likewise, candidates must be guided in the best way during their job search and they should be supported while they manage their career.

Recra Consulting provides effective human resources management and consultancy services by offering flexible and tailored solutions to obtain the best results for both the clients and the candidates.

If you need support for some or all of the above-mentioned processes, it will be beneficial for you to consult a team who has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in human resources.

In this regard, you can experience the privilege of a professional service with Recra Consulting by having direct access to expert consultants, getting insights that will add value to your company and carrying validated strategies into effect.

Getting perfect results for your organization is much easier with Recra Consulting!